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Most people would say that Africa is an abandoned place. A place of poverty, hunger and disaster. That people in Africa are stupid because they don’t step up to authorities, that they are being used. That they are stuck in history, that they should lose all traditions and rituals and move on. They would also say that Africans are no hard workers..  And this is something I may have said a billion times.. But the way I see it, Africa is a new beginning. You may not see this but this is true. There are sooo many opportunities in Africa, opportunities that others don’t see and most likely don’t want to see.  African people are so different from the people in the Western world.. They are open, welcoming, and they smile. Even though they probably don’t have as much to smile about as you. 

"Black people did not "come to this country seeking a better life." They were kidnapped from their homes in Africa, dragged in chains and loaded onto slave ships—treated not like human beings but like things, commodities to be traded and used to enrich others. Tens of millions of enslaved Africans died before even reaching America, so terrible were the conditions on the slave ships. Those who survived the trip were then sold to plantation owner." Unknown. 
Our past is part of who we are as a people and we must never forget it. But our future is the responsibilty of each and everyone of us. -LaMin SaWaneh.
(Learning expands great souls) ~ Namibian proverb
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this show. this mutherfuguing show. 
i cant praise it enough, the acting, the cinematography, the writing the writing
just no, no, nonononono, it is, Shameless US is THE best show on tv right now. THE BEST